Why we want to do this?

We want to eliminate all obnoxious rules forced on users of social media platforms by means of a decentralized streaming technology whilst rewarding them for becoming active participants of the community. Few highlights.

Decentralized database

Content will forever live with the people and will be controlled by them.

Limitless Streaming Privileges

Restriction of video size won't be necessary as the database would be supported by miners all over the world.

Reward system

Participants are rewarded for the most trivial task carried out on the platform like uploading a video.

Our strong points?

Not ETH based

VDC will not follow the regular etherum trend as we do not want to be caught in the middle. We have a unique chain on which the vid-stream platform will run on.

Solid Exchanger

The strength of the platform will be solidified with our own exchanger platform. This will enable token holders trade their tokens however they want to.

Quick Conversion

Two months after the end of the ICO, all token holders will have their tokens avaliable for spending on the chain.

Project Road-Map

Token Information

All VID token holders will be able to transfer their vidcoin to any Wave-compatible wallet. Vid-token holders will be able to sell their coin to other individuals that are interested in purchasing it based on the seller's price. Also, the coin would be available for purchase and trading on exchanges like bittrex, bitfinex, poloniex etc.
Below is a break down on the allocation of token for the entire project.
token distribution
  • Total token supply: 500 million (500,000,000)
    • 15% sold in pre-sale / early adopters
    • 25% for future public sale
    • 45% allocated for distribution to reward usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform
    • 15% retained by the dev, marketing and community teams
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH and WAV


ADDRESS: 0xcc2ae7ad8f32ea3bd38d0192d20e465503ae698d




ICO progress bar

Team Members

Meet our seasoned team members who are at the fore front of the VIDSTREAM © and VDC © project.

Gaston Therrien

Founder VDC

Gaston has actively engaged in crypto-currency asset valuations for many years. He has partnered with business development officers throughout his career, and is the founder of his Gathera Inc ©.

Angel Barth

Angel Barth


Angel has Managed up to $55 million market-neutral REIT equity portfolio, using fundamental, economic, sector, and technical analysis tools to generate favorable risk-adjusted returns for over ten years.

Molly Spencer

Martins Spencer

PR Officer

Martins has a 4 years exprience in public communications. Diverse experience in marketing, from event management to marketing strategy development, with a focus on infrastructure companies.


Joas Merkus

Lead Developer

Joas Merkus began programming at age 14. By age 20, he has written over 9 applications. He studied pure mathematics at a top UK university and has been working as a developer since then.

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